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The Evoke ST5 vending machine is perfect for high-traffic locations. With up to 60 selections (standard configuration is 50 selections with five trays of up to ten selections per tray), this versatile merchandiser is capable of vending refrigerated food, snacks, and cold beverages with various package sizes and form factors such as boxes, cans and bottles.

With the single temperature feature of the Evoke ST5 you can vend a variety of refrigerated food and cold beverage products. As with all Evoke combo models, the Evoke ST5 is health safety programmable by selection, range, or row. Its clear soft coat glass provides a crisp merchandising experience through an unmatched level of transparency. If you are looking for a variable temperature merchandiser to vend refrigerated food, cold beverages and ambient snacks, the Evoke ST5 also comes in a variable temperature version – the Evoke VT5.

This combo machine brings together a sleek design and the latest in vending technology to make for a perfect vending experience for your customers. Its large merchandising display window and enhanced LED lighting showcases products for maximum visibility. In addition, it is fully ADA compliant and has an ergonomic user interface, making it user-friendly.

The Evoke ST5 comes with a standard braille keypad and a 3.5” full-color display allowing operators to display pricing information and nutritional information on the screen. Upgrade to the 7” full-color touch screen display to offer shopping cart mode to purchase up to three items in one transaction, a product browsing capability, and advertising options for static and video content.

There are many optional features to enhance your Evoke ST5 merchandiser. This merchandiser comes standard with PayRange, a leading mobile payment system. Plus, never lose out on a sale again due to payment acceptance limitations by adding an optional bill changer and coin validator, and/or card reader to accept debit/credit cards and mobile wallets. You can also brand your Evoke ST5 with a graphic wrap to attract customers.

An optional automatic controller/wiring harness kit allows heating of the soft coat glass, in order to eliminate condensation and fogging of the glass in high humidity locations. The automatic controller complies with applicable U.S. Department of Energy requirements and delivers energy savings by only activating when the humidity reaches a certain level and disengaging when the humidity returns to an optimal level.


  • Up to 65 items
  • Flex Shelf Technology
  • LED Lighting
  • Coin Mech & Bill Validator Compatible
  • Onboard Payrange Mobile Payment System
  • Extra Peripheral Opening & MDB Support
  • Controls & Payment Systems ADA Compliant
  • Delivery Assist
  • Ergonomic User Interface
  • Door Switch
  • Full Sales & Accounting Features
  • iVend® Guaranteed Delivery Sensor System Equipped
  • USB Software Upgrades & DEX Downloads
  • DEX Capable
  • Braille Indentified Keypad
  • Power Management Programming
  • Made in the USA


  • iCart 7″ Touchscreen Interface Option
  • Coin Mech & Bill Validator
  • Index Management Utility
  • High Capacity Split Coils for Candy, Gum, and Mint
  • High Capacity Can/Bottle Tray
  • Front Kick Panel Option
  • Standard Changeable LED Backlighted POS Window
  • Custom Tray & Coil Configurations
  • Greenlite Cashless Payment System
  • Audio Interface for Sight Impaired Users
  • Power Management Programming
  • Custom Graphic Wrap
  • Custom Paint Colors
  • Custom Logo Panel

Selections: Up to 65 items
Capacities: Varies with tray configuration

Payment Systems: All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Data Communication: DEX/UCS
Refrigeration: Super 1/3 HP, R134a or R-513a Closed System
Dimensions: 72″H x 41″W x 38″D
Shipping Weight: *791 lbs. (358.8 kg) 
*Varies with tray configuration and options.
Power: Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 9.5 AMPS; International: 230 VAC/60 & 50Hz, 4.8 AMPS; With Heated Glass: 115 VAC/60Hz, 10.5 AMPS; International: 230 VAC/60 & 50Hz, 5.2 AMPS

USI Evoke ST5 Combo Machine


  Product Description The Evoke ST5 vending machine is perfect for high-traffic locations. With up to 60 selections (standard configuration is 50 selections with five trays […]

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